An elegant tribute to the mechanical watch

October 2004

A modern brand, Jean-Mairet & Gillman offers a collection of timepieces that combine nostalgia with modernity.

Amongst the many hundreds of brands at BaselWorld, a new name shone brightly, that of Jean-Mairet & Gillman. Participating for the first time (although the brand had been in the vicinity, Plaza Hotel, selling to collectors since the year 2000), the brand offered an exceptional collection of timepieces in Limited Editions of 25, 50, 100 and 500 depending on the metal used – yellow, pink or white gold, platinum and stainless steel.
Founded in 1999 by the watchmaker César Jean-Mairet, the brand has an historical association with the watch industry that includes such names as Jean-Henry Mairet (1700s), Sylvain Jean-Mairet (1800s), André Jean-Mairet (1900s) and César’s great-great grandparents Robert Gillman and Caroline Bovet of the renowned Bovet of Fleurier.


An horological passion
The family’s passion and tradition for watches is now continued by César who, by the year 2003, had already managed to commercialize the brand in Spain, Moscow, the Middle East, Singapore and Turkey. The brand’s successful participation at BaselWorld has added new points of sale in Asia – Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and reinforced its presence in Russia and France.
The ‘Around the World’ Collection has a watch called the Hora Mundi which is dedicated to Clément Gillman, pioneer geographer, who spent his life in Africa. The ‘Seven Days’ Collection pays homage to Jean-Mairet’s ancestors and refers to the seven-shot pistol created by Jean-Henry Mairet which is displayed in the Landesmuseum in Zurich. The ‘Alexandre Chronograph’ Collection is a tribute to Alexandre Jean-Mairet, the brother of César who died shortly after the Jean-Mairet & Gillman brand was created. Finally, there is the ‘Lady Fiona’ watch dedicated to César’s daughter.
All the exclusive collections are created using traditional craftsmanship and are equipped with Swiss manufactured mech-anical movements from such leading names as Dubois Dépraz Jaquet and Piguet. In short, the Jean-Mairet & Gillman watches offer a classical and elegant appearance with an element of surprise that is sure
to please aficionados of the mechanical timepiece.