Planning for the future: Part 4

December 2009

Respect for the environment
After two years of work, Audemars Piguet inaugurated its new Forges manufacture, located below its historic complex in Le Brassus. Spread out over about 12,200 square metres, this space groups together all the steps involved in the fabrication of a watch under the same roof. Employing 300 employees divided into small autonomous units, the structure was designed in the form of a comb, as a function of the organization by craft, with the objective of optimizing the flow of production and circulation.
The north wing is thus devoted to the movement and houses the watchmaking ateliers (which benefit from even light). Activities in the other wing deal with cases and logistics. These two parallel wings are connected by a perpendicular building that serves as a reception room for visitors, merchandise and production support activities such as a research department.


The new Forges manufacture of Audemars Piguet

This new production tool was designed and realized according to the strict standards of the Minergie-Eco label—a label that requires the use of recycled or environmentally-friendly construction materials, non-toxic coatings, FSC wood, etc. The building is heated by a wood-burning central furnace that is carbon neutral. Precautions have also been taken for the electrical and communication installations to minimize all potentially harmful magnetic fields. This commitment was taken not only for the future of the brand’s production but also for the well being of its employees.

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Source: Europa Star October-November 2009 Magazine Issue