WOLF 1834


March 2017

WOLF 1834

A European icon since 1834, Wolf continues to prove itself as the world’s leading brand in luxury leather-goods specialising in watch winders, watch boxes, jewellery cases, and lifestyle accessories. Family led for five generations, Wolf’s evolving collections showcase their undying pursuit of perfection and continuity. The brand continuously fine-tunes its watch winder technology and is ready to share its latest advances.


ver its 183 years Wolf has seen many rush with unseemly haste to come up with a solution. For the brand, the important thing is to ensure that careful entry into any new design or device is done with thoughtful precision. An app controlled watch winder is a great innovation so long as it continues to be about safe-keeping fine automatics. Unfortunately those that have popped up so far have an emphasis on their app and not the watch.

Wolf’s approach is entirely different: they have always engineered their watch winders as instruments that keep fine automatics wound to perfection. Since Englishman John Harwood’s successful award of a Swiss patent for an automatic self-winding watch in 1923, Wolf has always believed it is about the watch, 100%. At Baselworld they will be launching the Wolf 1.2 app that allows ultimate controllability of a new generation of cabinet winders called “1834”, the year the company was born.

The evolution of the Wolf app was clear and simple: design a user friendly, easy to understand interface that allows control over a limitless number of winder modules, but do so in a caring and thoughtful manner. No need for functions that do not 100% affect the watch as that is all Wolf is concerned with.

WOLF 1834
1834 – The collection offers a choice of 12, 24, and 32 winder module cabinets with accessory drawers for mechanical watches, pens, straps, bracelet adjusting tool-kit and humidor. Piano finished wood with chrome accents, locking glass front.

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