January 2005

As of 2005, ETA SA, a Swatch Group Company, will offer new technical training courses, as well as new didactic CD-ROMs explaining the functioning of selected ETA-movements.
Founded on its solid experience in the area of quartz and mechanical movements, ETA SA is able to provide a variety of horological courses to its clients and the professional organizations of the industry. These courses have been designed for specialists as well as sales and administrative personnel of the watch industry in mind.
The increasing diversity and technical complexity of the products make it crucial to keep step with innovation. So it is that for over 40 years ETA’s training programme has been equipping professionals with in-depth knowledge of how its products function.
At the Training Centre in Grenchen, courses are taught in French, German, English, Italian, or Spanish. Additionally, courses in Portuguese, Greek and all Scandinavian languages are offered by instructors abroad.
This training programme reflects the determination of ETA SA to provide excellent standards of training so as to fully satisfy the requirements of its clients in terms of knowledge of its products.
ETA SA also continues the development and marketing of its [email protected] training concept. Five new CD-ROMs will be launched, introducing the calibres 13Ð’’’ ETA 7750, 11Ð’’’ ETA 205.911, 10Ð’’’ ETA 251.471, 16Ð’’’ ETA 6497-2 and 11Ð’’’ ETA 2892A2.

The course programme of ETA SA for 2005 is the following:

- Basic and improvement course on quartz movements and autoquartz products (A1) for watchmakers and repairers.

- Update on new ETA products (A2) for watchmakers and repairers.

- Specialization course on mechanical chronographs (A3).

- Specialization course on quartz chronographs (A4).

- Individualized course for technical, commercial and sales personnel (A5).

- Refresher course (A7) on mechanical watches, excluding chronographs.

- Technical training seminar (knowledge of mechanical and quartz products) for commercial, administrative and sales personnel (D1).

Source: ETA SA.
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