Universal Genève rewards the winner of the 2009 edition of the prestigious International rose competition of Geneva

June 2009

On the occasion of the 62nd edition of the International rose competition of Geneva, the watch brand Universal Geneva, official partner, has rewarded the Dutch creator of roses, Interplant B.V., winner of the 2009 Golden Rose, for his rose N°23, small flower B25003. It is a magnificent Microtor Cabriolet Universal Geneva, adorned with the name of the competition engraved in gold and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that the creator was given.

The award ceremony took place on Saturday the 13th, in the Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva, in the presence of Madam Francoise Demole, president of the Concours and of the township authorities.

Françoise Demole, president of the Concours, Vincent Lapaire, CEO of Universal Genève and Anthony Leclerc, president of the world federation of roses and Daniel Masse, Président of the Jury

Two prestigious arts
For the second time this year, Universal Genève is honoured to be associated with the prestigious International rose competition of Geneva. The Geneva-based watch brand is officially partnering an event that has a lot in common with the watchmaking world.
“Rigorous standards, innovation, excellence and a love of fine workmanship are just some of the high demands upheld by both of these arts”, commented Vincent Lapaire, CEO of Universal Genève. “Time is also a value shared by our two worlds. The infinite patience and precision required from the creator of a new variety of rose closely resemble the lengths to which a watch craftsman.
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