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Pierre DeRoche - GrandCliff Milady

May 2010

www.worldwatchweb.com- A combination of horlogerie and haute couture, the GrandCliff Milady will captivate the sort of woman who is not content to wear a simple fashion accessory on her wrist. For mechanical excellence there is an exclusive Dubois Dépraz chronograph movement, and for style, a composition in white and blue.

Pierre DeRoche - GrandCliff Milady

Set off by a bezel that can either be plain or diamond-set, the four sapphires on the dial match the hands and the highly original small seconds at 3 o’clock. With a touch of haute couture on the cross-stitched strap or a touch of glamour with the unusual cross-laced strap, the Milady radiates sensuality.

Source: Pierre DeRoche