Damiani - The new BELLE ÉPOQUE Watch Collection

June 2010 -The New Belle Époque jeweled watch collection, which combines exquisite craftsmanship and the latest trends in haute horologerie for women, is truly breathtaking.

With their perfect balance of design and elegance made even more precious through unusual technical and aesthetic details that make them true masterpieces of jewelry and watch-making, the watches in the New Belle Époque collection were created for an elegant yet unconventional woman in search of the true essence of luxury.

Damiani - The new BELLE ÉPOQUE Watch Collection

The Masterpiece 1 – Ref. 30002915

The new watch line reinterprets the style of one of Damiani’s most successful jewelry collections, Belle Époque, which was inspired by the vibrant artistic, cultural, and social life in Europe at the dawn of the 20th century. A period of great ferment and innovation in every field — from the economy to scientific progress and from art to physics — the Belle Époque also revived a carefree joie de vivre in people. It was the heyday of Paris, the cradle of new social trends and the home of the Moulin Rouge and the French Cancan, Haute Couture, and Maxim’s. It was also the time of the modern Olympics, the Universal Expo, the first airplane and the Orient Express, the telephone, photography, Art Nouveau, and the cinema. This last art inspired the Belle Époque collection, a “precious” celebration of film.

Damiani - The new BELLE ÉPOQUE Watch Collection The Masterpiece 2 – Ref. 30002916

With its perfect balance of volumes and shapes, the design of the New Belle Époque collection enhances the chromatic effect of pairing diamonds with rubies or sapphires set on a white gold case with a white moiré silk strap.

The case has a unique detail that lets you personalize your watch: a special diamond-studded external mobile ring with a large ruby or sapphire. By rotating the bezel and positioning the precious gem, you can indicate your “own” time, remember a deadline, or mark an important moment in the day.

This exclusive detail, just like the hands only a millimeter wide decorated with 12 diamonds, reveals the passion and experience required to produce this exclusive watch collection that also includes two masterpieces with precious baguette diamonds.

Damiani - The new BELLE ÉPOQUE Watch Collection The Light Setting – Ref. 30002910

The collection is just another example of the perfect union between splendid Italian design and the techniques of the best artisan watch-makers in Switzerland, where Damiani watches are made.

Source: Damiani