LeDIX Origine by Celsius X VI II

February 2011

Presented as a world première at Baselworld 2010, LeDIX Origine, the first nomadic “Objet d’Art” by Celsius X VI II, is now available in some of the most exclusive retail locations around the world.

Produced in an 18-piece limited edition, LeDIX Origine is a truly superlative creation in the fullest sense of the term. The amount of work, craftsmanship and time required to create this exceptional instrument limits the production capacity to three pieces per month.

LeDIX Origine by Celsius X VI II

The quintessence of years of patient effort is revealed in one second of pure passion each time it is taken in hand by its owner, just as complex deep-felt emotions can sometimes be conveyed in just one word.

LeDIX Origine, by Celsius X VI II, proves that the legendary time distortion does indeed exist, and restores the emotional facets of communication.

Source: Celsius X VI II

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