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Stockholm - a new GoS model

April 2011

The partnership between the bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren aims to provide truly unique watches with inspiration from the cold north of Scandinavia.

GoS proudly presents the new model Stockholm, which has been designed in corporation with the owners of the exclusive watch store Fredmans Ur, the GoS retailer in Stockholm. The production of Stockholm is limited to five watches of which four pieces with a mother of pearl dial and a single piece with a dial in blue Lapis Lazuli.

Stockholm - a new GoS model

The dials in natural materials highlight the rich details within the handforged Damascus steel. Johan Gustafsson has achieved a very fine grained steel, which pattern is made visible through careful and time consuming hand finishing techniques.

Stockholm - a new GoS model

The movement in the Stockholm model is the hand wound Alpina 592R from the 1950s, a NOS movement that has been thoroughly serviced and adjusted before the assembly in the GoS workshop. The Alpina movement beautifully display the characteristics and overall quality of watch movements from that era and has been kept in the original finishing. The deep beveling and the bridge shapes perfectly match the designs and shapes of the Damascus steel parts.

Stockholm - a new GoS model

The Stockholm watch is the first model to be delivered in the new GoS presentation box. The boxes are individually crafted by Sture Nyberg, a local woodcraft artisan who is well known for his work which he regularly exhibit. The box is crafted in an ancient technique called “svep” in Swedish and is so specific to the Baltic region that it does not have an English name. The material is thin birch wood that is moisturized and bent over a round template. Birch root is then used to lock the shape with a seam.

Source: GoS Watches


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