Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator

April 2011 - The new Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator is a special edition of the sophisticated Kuki Strong&Flex line.

Its unique construction is covered by a fine leather exterior. The new Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator is not only created using the Kuki Strong&Flex construction, but its links have an additional aramid layer and a stopper. Still more, the new Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator is made of ultra-soft alligator leather.

Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator

As technically most complex watch strap, the new Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator is the flagship of the Kuki Strong&Flex line, and even more impressively stresses the unique character of Kuki Strong&Flex watch straps: a complex technical achievement that offers exceptional flexibility, softness and durability all in one.

Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator

With the creation of this masterpiece, the Kuki company is once again opening new paths in the production of top-quality leather watch straps. Owing to its unique appearance, it simply surpasses the usual attitude towards leather watch straps. The owners of exquisite watches will have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages and unique qualities of the new Kuki Strong&Flex Alligator, which features original products designed to meet specific desires.

Source: Kuki

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