Charles Oudin Jewellery Watches

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May 2011

The French house of horology realizes one-of-a-kind and personalized time-pieces recognizable thanks to their classic lines enhanced by distinctive decorative compositions.

Charles Oudin Jewellery Watches Full small ASTER Retro watch in 18K white gold set with 7,40 carats diamonds, made in Paris.

What makes the jewellery timepieces instantly recognisable is Oudin’s characteristic curved sides that make it possible to personalized the watch in its entirety. Charles Oudin was the first to treat watch cases like a jewel.

With their original design offering a modern interpretation of classic creations from the past, they are resolutely contemporary.

Charles Oudin Jewellery Watches Large FLAME Curvex watch in 18K yellow gold set diamonds, rubies and orange sapphires, 12 carats, hand-made in Paris.

The emblematic piece of Charles Oudin is the Amazone. It expresses the quintessence of modern femininity, with the exuberance of the untamed river of the Brazilian forest.

Charles Oudin Jewellery Watches FULL AMAZONE Curvex watch in 18K white gold set with 26 carats precious stone, hand-made in Paris.

The products of the firm exemplify the best of French style, while providing a link between the technical and aesthetic Revolution started by Breguet in 1800 and the tremendous creativity of the Art Deco period.

Source: Charles Oudin Paris

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