Bremont supports “Wingman” Gary Connery [Video]

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March 2012

Breitling have their jet man, now Bremont have a “wing man” – the difference being that while jet man uses sophisticated jet engines and a parachute, wing man uses nothing more than a special wing suit and aerodynamics.

Bremont Watch Company is supporting stunt man Gary Connery in preparation for his record attempt in April 2012 when he plans to become the first man ever to jump out of a helicopter with a wingsuit and land without deploying a parachute.

Gary will drop for three seconds from a height of 2,400 ft ( m) near his home town of Henley on Thames in England before he starts to fly. He will then accelerate to 80mph and glide the 1.4km to his landing spot.

Bremont supports “Wingman” Gary Connery

Bremont’s Giles English says, “What Gary will be doing here has never been done and very hard to understand how it is possible but after meeting Gary I was quick to learn that he is a consummate professional who had been planning this jump for many years, naturally it is also wonderful that he is a fellow Henley man! The ability for man to fly and land with his own wings is part of every boyhood dream and we are proud to be supporting Gary in this world first. Timing will mean everything here.”

Gary Connery says, “I am excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of sticking a new post in the runway of aviation history. I am 100 per cent confident of my abilities/methods to achieve this landing on what will become a historic day. I am very pleased to be working with Bremont on this as we very much share the same principles, everything to do with this jump is about precision and timing. Working with the manufacture Tonysuits we have only now been able to develop the wingsuit technology to be able to do this jump, at this current pace of development the possibilities of future wing suit design will change the world of aviation.”