Dior’s Grand Soir Collection

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December 2012

Dior Horlogerie is pursuing its glowing tribute to the House of Dior and its infinite palette of colours with these ten new models, one-of-a-kind timepieces numbered from 6 to 15 which continue the fairytale began in 2010.

The timepieces in the Dior Grand Soir collection harmoniously combine Dior’s vocabulary with the watchmaker’s lexicon of oscillating weights, calibres, dials and precious straps. Like an ode to ultra-femininity and colour, they betray their secrets with subtlety and refinement.

Equipped with an automatic Elite movement by Zenith Manufacture that is accommodated in a gold case decorated with a finely wrought dial and a baguette-set bezel, each one reveals a precious and intricate reverse side: mother-of-pearl oscillating weight, inlaid and set in harmony with the dial, and the back of the strap in pleated taffeta hand-sewn with the label “Christian Dior Paris”.

From Left to Right: Dior Grand Soir 6 - 7 - 8 - 10
From Left to Right: Dior Grand Soir 6 - 7 - 8 - 10

The “Dior Grand Soir n°6” comes in shades of red from vermillion to carmine underlined by grey to recapture the shimmering effect of moiré silk. The baguette rubies and spinels, selected and adjusted with great care, are edged with black mother-of-pearl from Tahiti, engraved and hemmed in diamonds.

The very elegant “Dior Grand Soir n°7” alternates the midnight blue of the sapphires and the icy blue of the engraved mother-of-pearl hemmed in diamonds.

The dial on the “Dior Grand Soir n°8”, like a corolla composed of six petals superimposed with finely cut white mother-of-pearl and scattered with diamonds, exudes a discreet and diaphanous charm emphasized by the changing blue of its dial set with baguettes in five different shades of aquamarine.

The “Dior Grand Soir n°10” unfolds a pastel monochrome palette where baguette lilac amethysts underlined by diamonds and smoked quartz complement the pink mother-of-peal and agate dial, creating an elegant and powdery toned ensemble.

From Left to Right: Dior Grand Soir 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
From Left to Right: Dior Grand Soir 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

The “Dior Grand Soir n°11” radiates with green and yellow lights, in a swirl of jade and tsavorite garnets set with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds in echo of the dazzling yellow taffeta strap.

The “Dior Grand Soir n°12” recalls the flamboyancy of the colour combinations so dear to Dior with its turquoise dial set in concentric circles of white and fancy yellow diamonds and its bezel of baguette-cut pink sapphires contrasting with the black of the taffeta or alligator strap.

The “Dior Grand Soir n°13” offers a harmony of warm greens and blues – that of sapphires and emeralds – highlighted by white mother-of-pearl on the dial.

The “Dior Grand Soir n°14” joins fire with ice for its cognac mother-of-pearl dial scattered with smoked quartz and diamonds, its baguette-cut brown garnet bezel and its immaculate white taffeta strap.

The “Dior Grand Soir n°15” distils a tender and fresh harmony of green, pale pink and white. The dial in white, pink and green mother-of-pearl creates an ethereal floral pattern highlighted here and there by the pink of the sapphires and surrounded by a corolla of chromifere tourmalines.

Source: Dior