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New Advertising Campaign by Maurice Lacroix

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December 2012

The “Your Time Is Now” campaign is being launched worldwide and features market-specific taglines that reinforce and complete the main claim according to local customer profiles, cultures and mentalities. It stems from the key consumer insights of self-reward, recognition of success and pride. It is a refreshing invitation to spoil yourself, go new places and enjoy your highlife.

New Advertising Campaign by Maurice Lacroix New Advertising Campaign by Maurice Lacroix

Marc Gläser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix SA: “This campaign is spot on ! Just what Maurice Lacroix is all about. It is fresh, evocative, inspiring and the message is very clear and direct. I am convinced it will reach out to our customers in a very effective way and also strongly contribute to build the image of our brand which is all about stylish, meaningful enjoyment… with great substance.”

The campaign is composed of 3 visuals promoting men and ladies watches as well as exciting combinations for him and her. The first visual shows a woman as stunning as the watch she is wearing, visibly getting ready for an important appointment. Her time is definitely now. The second visual sees a couple about to board a hydroplane. The moment breathes enjoyment, complicity and excitement. Their time is now. The third eye-catching visual, currently being shot, will feature a man and is set to launch in January.

With this campaign, Maurice Lacroix communicates the craftsmanship, creativity and confidence that characterize the brand and its products.

Source: Maurice Lacroix