Obituary - Gio Monaco’s Creative Visionary Dr. Giuseppe Ascione Passes Away

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January 2013

Dr. Giuseppe Ascione was well on his way to a career as a lawyer when his passion for music, the arts, and fine timepieces led him in a different direction. Already successful, Giuseppe left the law and joined his older brother Michele’s jewelry company as a designer. In the late 1990’s, the two brothers decided to turn their passion for fine timepieces into a new company named after the inventor of musical notes and patron saint of their hometown of Arezzo, Italy, Guido Monaco.

Dr. Giuseppe Ascione
Dr. Giuseppe Ascione

The company was called Gio Monaco and its international success can largely be attributed to Dr. Giuseppe Ascione and his unique creative vision. When Giuseppe passed away, the watch industry lost one of its shining lights.

Giuseppe’s insight and good taste were the inspiration for some of the industry’s most innovative timepiece designs. In less than ten years, the Ascione brothers introduced over 30 collections that showcased the special marriage of Giuseppe’s design skills and his brother’s technical expertise. Each collection was unique, but all bore the stamp of the Ascione brothers and their patron saint, the inventor of the musical note.

Left: Gio Monaco Geopolis - Right: Gio Monaco Hypnos
Left: Gio Monaco Geopolis - Right: Gio Monaco Hypnos

With their beautiful stylized roman numerals and spectacular 3-D patterned dials, Gio Monaco creations like the Hypnos and Geopolis Collections became instant hits at Switzerland’s prestigious Baselworld Fair.

The world will miss Giuseppe and his optimistic approach to life. Throughout his life, Giuseppe shared a passion for music and everything that was beautiful. Although Dr. Ascione is no longer with us, his legacy remains in the wonderful timepieces he created for Gio Monaco. Giuseppe once said, “Where time is, there is thought.” We’re certain that watch aficionados around the world will be thinking of him, whenever they look at one of his beautiful creations.

Source: Gevril Group