Ronda Releases its Z60 Calibre with Chronograph Function

July 2013

This year will see the market launch of Ronda xtratech as a new product line. The quartz movement presented at Baselworld is known as Z60. It is the first-ever Ronda 13¼‘‘‘ size calibre with chronograph function.

Aside from the center stop second and the 30-minute counter, the popular 3-6-9 look boasts a day indicator, a date and a small second. The Z60 features a diameter of 30.00 mm and a movement height of 4.60 mm.

Ronda's Z60
Ronda’s Z60

With the xtratech the name says it all: a Swiss Made movement offering everything a chronograph needs. Not a feature more and not a feature less. In fact, the ideal product for watches in the fashion range, where demand runs high for useful functions at attractive prices.

With the new diameter of 30.00 mm, Ronda now has on offer to the watchmaker a range of four chronograph sizes : Startech 3500 series with 10½ x 11½‘‘‘ and Startech 5000 series with 12½‘‘‘. And, last but not least, there are the shortly to be marketed xtratech Z60 with 13¼‘‘‘ and the Mastertech Serie 8000 series with 15‘‘‘.


  • Chronograph with day indicator and regular date
  • Swiss Made quartz movement – nickel plated
  • Size 13¼’’’
  • Diameter 30.00 mm / Height 4.60 mm
  • 3-eye chronograph with positions 3-6-9
  • Center stop second
  • 30-minute counter
  • ADD and SPLIT functions
  • Day indicator
  • Date
  • Small second

Source: Ronda