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Promesse - Baume & Mercier’s New Women’s Collection

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June 2014

Actress, Jessica Paré, of the critically acclaimed, Emmy® winning AMC Original Series, Mad Men, joined Baume & Mercier on Wednesday for the launch of Promesse. The iconic watch brand celebrated its first new women’s offering in nearly a decade tonight at Gotham Hall, NYC. Jessica was seen wearing the Promesse #10160.

Promesse is Baume & Mercier’s first new women’s offering in nearly a decade. Its name, Promesse, is French for “promise” and is meant to inspire women to hold a promise close to their heart while celebrating their unique individuality through their own timepiece.

As with all of Baume & Mercier’s new timepieces, the brand dipped into their archives to inspire Promesse. Promesse is a delicate and feminine design and a recognizable descendent of a 1970’s model from the Baume & Mercier museum collection.
Decidedly different due to its unconventional shape, Promesse features a design with a gentle aesthetic tempo, playing with an oval bezel nestled inside a soft, round case - a true ode to grace and femininity.

Promesse by Baume & Mercier
Promesse by Baume & Mercier
Actress Jessica Paré at the launch of Baume & Mercier's “Promesse”
Actress Jessica Paré at the launch of Baume & Mercier’s “Promesse”

Available in two sizes - 30 mm and 34 mm - Promesse’s sleek curves may be perceived as a visual interpretation of the ripples produced by a drop of water.
Its “romantic” shape is further enhanced with a precious mother-of-pearl, oval bezel, with several of the models set with diamonds.
Offered in both steel and two-tone 18K red gold, the collection also includes both quartz and automatic models.

While Baume & Mercier may be predominantly known for its men’s timepieces, it was actually a woman who inspired the original designs.
In 1869, Louis-Victor Baume gifted his daughter Mélina, a gold pocket-watch. From then onwards, the brand began creating iconic jewelry-watch models epitomizing the Art Deco period. Their designs and inspired shapes were to make them powerful symbols of female pride.

Since then, every decade has brought new design inspirations. The 1950’s, known as the “golden fifties,” brought “Marquise” timepieces with “bangle” bracelets.
The 1960’s saw increased elegance and refinement that enabled Baume & Mercier to showcase its expertise in the field of women’s timepieces.
By the 1970’s, the visionary House redefined the principles of women’s timepieces and ventured into uncharted territory of original watchmaking shapes in a burst of creativity. It was this period that inspired the current Promesse design.

Source: H&M Media for Baume & Mercier