Armin Strom Presents Skeleton Pure

October 2014

Armin Strom’s new timepiece eliminates anything extraneous from the bare caliber and highlights the layered construction of the movement by colourizing the essential components, which features the firm’s Calibre ARM09-S.

The brand’s aficionados will recognize it as the same movement eloquently rendered in the more classically designed One Week Skeleton, which the Bienne-based independent manufacture released at Baselworld 2014. But this Skeleton has an entirely different look and feel.

Skeleton Pure Water (ST15-PW.05) by Armin Strom
Skeleton Pure Water (ST15-PW.05) by Armin Strom

Skeleton Pure Fire (RG15-PF.5N) by Armin Strom
Skeleton Pure Fire (RG15-PF.5N) by Armin Strom

“The One Week Skeleton is an homage to our brand’s founder, master skeletonizer Armin Strom,” explains owner Serge Michel. “Skeleton Pure perfectly represents what Armin Strom is today.”
Claude Greisler, director and chief of horology adds, “Skeleton Pure uses new treatments and technology to bring a fresh and modern look to the highest level of Swiss watch design and craftsmanship. This timepiece illustrates the perfection that can be achieved through machine processing and the way 3D-PVD coating can enhance dimension and bring definition to the engineering.”

ARM09-S Skeleton Pure Water - 4 Steps
ARM09-S Skeleton Pure Water - 4 Steps

The manual-wind, double-barrel movement offers an 8-day power reserve with hours, minutes, small seconds and power reserve indicator. Skeleton Pure will be produced in editions of 100 in Armin Strom’s elements of Air (titanium), Earth (black PVD coated stainless steel), Water (stainless steel) and Fire (18k rose gold).

The elements will be released in two phases: Skeleton Pure Fire and Water at October’s Salon SIAR in Mexico-City and Skeleton Pure Air and Earth at November’s SalonQP in London.

Source: Armin Strom