Introducing AB Aeterno Watches

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February 2015

AB Aeterno is a young, innovative and emerging Italian company. Since 2012 it has been producing wooden watches Made in Italy with Swiss movement, combining the beauty of nature to the Italian design.

The brand’s mission is to provide quality products that represent both the rich tradition of craftsmanship and industrial activity typical of Italy.

The brand name AB Aeterno derives from Latin and means “from the past”.
The watches unite an innovative idea and the absolute simplicity using primordial material that exist from the beginning of time and is extremely natural.

AB Aeterno are handmade in Italy
AB Aeterno are handmade in Italy

All began while Marco Tommasoni - CEO and Founder of AB Aeterno - was located in Australia. During a visit to a natural reserve Marco developed the idea of a watch made by wood. Born this way the concept of the first series of AB Aeterno watches.
Marco took part of the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney, in order to taste the reaction of public and experts of the sector. AB Aeterno won the award of the best start-up of the event convincing Marco to dive into this adventure.

Left: Sky Collection - Middle: Nature Collection - Right: Sky Collection for Woman
Left: Sky Collection - Middle: Nature Collection - Right: Sky Collection for Woman

The brand uses wood for its lightness, strength and ecofriendliness. The material is capable of reminding those who wear it of the extraordinary value of the environment. It uses sustainable production processes, respectful of the planet and the health of those who work in the making of the company’s products.

AB Aeterno uses only 100% natural wood without application of any type of glaze or paint, this make the watches completely hypoallergenic.

The absence of treatments allows the wood to change its appearance with use, making each watch unique.

Source: AB Aeterno