TW Steel Will Celebrate its 10th Anniversary at Baselworld 2015

February 2015

TW Steel, the global lifestyle brand renowned for being “Big in Oversized Watches”, is proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015 at Baselworld, the world’s premier watch and jewellery showcase, where it will exhibit in Hall 1.2 ‘Hall of Sensation’ from 19th to 26th March.

Since its birth in Amsterdam in 2005, TW Steel - founded by CEO Jordy Cobelens and Chief Design Officer, Ton Cobelens, has gone from strength to strength with worldwide sales and major global marketing platforms to engage consumers in the likes of Formula One™ and MotoGP™ through to Electronic Dance Music.

With a “10 Years of Big Time” theme for its anniversary year, TW Steel will be rolling out its celebrations around the world and incorporating its message into all of its brand platforms – including its role as an official sponsor for the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP™ team which includes World Champion’s Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

Canteen TW6 by TW Steel
Canteen TW6 by TW Steel
Canteen TW35 by TW Steel
Canteen TW35 by TW Steel

The brand whom has restyled its Canteen Collection for Baselworld also plans to unveil a limited edition 10th anniversary timepiece to coincide with its official party in Amsterdam this summer.
While details of the piece will be revealed at a later date, the brand has proven before, notably with its award-winning one-off CEO Tech Centennial edition, that it always delivers something outstanding as a celebration model.

“Put simply 2015 is a major milestone for the TW Steel brand,” stated co-founder and CEO, Jordy Cobelens. “It’s a phenomenal achievement to succeed in such a competitive industry as the watch business. We’ve always held true to our vision of keeping our product ‘king’ in all that we do. We proved there was a market for exceptional, but affordable oversized watches, specifically with our Canteen Collection, and we’ve cemented our standing within the industry from there.

Additional collections are set to welcome new arrivals during 2015, specifically with the expansion of last year’s popular Slim Line collection, while the enduring TECH collection sees new models introduced also.

Source: Ana Martins Communications for TW Steel