BREAKING NEWS: apple watches have reached Baselworld!

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March 2015

That is a real revolution – and a revelation at the same time: Europa Star fell randomly on a set of incredibly powerful devices, hidden at the very end corner of a booth in the Palace of Baselworld.

These devices have an amazing power of attraction: you find them in several colours and sizes and they connect very easily to your mouth. The apps include a healthy transfer of vitamins per day (as in the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”). In a nutshell: if these devices reach the anticipated success and are sold in the millions in their first year, they could save millions of lives and ruin hundreds of doctor’s offices.

Cerise sur le gâteau, they are engraved with the brand’s name – and can be personalized with an additional and customized name, such as that of your lover or your pet. As a final touch, the finest enamel covers the whole piece.

“I just got addicted to them”, confessed the owner of the booth. “Once you’ve tried them, you cannot think of something else. They help you connect with your body and your soul. Since I use them, I am really able to monitor my health in a much better way.”

The innovations just have one slight deficit: they still do not tell the time. But the newest version might come up with this exclusive feature too.

To discover more about this unique revelation, just manage your way to the Palace and take the last corner on the right to reach the 6G Booth. This might change your life forever. (SM)

BREAKING NEWS: apple watches have reached Baselworld!

The Revelation apple. What did you expect...?