Tuesday LADIES’ DAY: The TW STEEL Approach

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April 2015

The watch world is not only a man’s world. Every Tuesday we look at how brands are addressing the growing market for ladies’ watches. Today, we profile Dutch brand TW Steel.

It’s big and it’s bold. TW Steel – which stands for “The Watch in Steel” - is not shy on the wrist. In fact, wearing a TW Steel watch makes a statement of a bold and ambitious personality.

The global lifestyle brand celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 at Baselworld. Part of the festivities included the release of a restyled Canteen Collection, as well as the announcement of the official anniversary party in Amsterdam, which will be marked by the release of a new limited edition timepiece. Never missing an opportunity to inform and entertain in style, Amsterdam is quite a good location for a brand party, I would say!

In its ten years of existence, TW Steel has gone from strength to strength, in part through its engagement with consumers in the likes of Formula One™, MotoGP™ and Electronic Dance Music. By now, the brand is renowned for being ‘Big in Oversized Watches’. But big size and motorsports are not typically associated with the ladies. Yet, true to its personality, the brand has not shied away. Instead, it’s ladies line of watches goes toe to toe with the design of men’s watches.

Tuesday LADIES' DAY: The TW STEEL Approach

TW Steel CEO Tech

TW Steel’s Kelly Rowland line is a great example. The CEO Tech watch, for instance, evokes both elegance and power of a lady on the top. The brand has also added a new Canteen Bracelet Special Edition, which features Kelly Rowland’s signature on the back. With two great examples of ladies’ timepieces with attitude, TW Steel is showing us that the ladies can (and should!) go big and bold on the wrist, too. (VJ)

Tuesday LADIES' DAY: The TW STEEL Approach

TW Steel Canteen Bracelet Special Edition