Halda Watch Co Spreads “Future Is Interchangeable” Philosophy

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May 2015

Swedish brand Halda Watch Co has broadened its distribution network, bringing its interchangeable watch designs to retailer Luxury Watches Stockholm.

When we think of “Sweden” and “modular design”, we might first think of IKEA. But not this time. Halda Watch Co, the Swedish luxury watch brand, is equally famous for its innovative modular design.

According to the brand’s motto, the “the future is interchangeable”. This concept translates to developing a time platform based on interchangeable watch modules. Each unit is developed for optimal performance for its intended purpose.

Halda's Race Pilot - “Race” Module
Halda’s Race Pilot - “Race” Module

In one example, the brand aimed to develop the world’s first genuine racing watch. And it was realized in the form of the Race Pilot. The watch has two interchangeable modules, which unite the tradition of mechanical watchmaking with the advantages of modern technology.

The Mechanical Module has an elaborate Swedish design inspired by the world of racing. And it’s equipped with a great engine too: a self-winding movement made by Zenith, featuring a power reserve indicator, sub-second hand, and date function.

The Race Module - developed together with professional race drivers and engineers - provides advanced functions for professional racing. It features key information about the world’s 150 most prestigious race tracks, along with various race-time warning systems to alert the driver.

Halda's Race Pilot - “Mechanical” Module (left) & “Race” Module (right)
Halda’s Race Pilot - “Mechanical” Module (left) & “Race” Module (right)

And now its Race Pilot (among others) will be featured at prestigious Swedish retailer Luxury Watches Stockholm. As of May, they will carry the full Halda collection in their newly opened flagship store at Grev Turegatan in Stockholm.

The retailer specialized in exotic and highly sought after timepieces from brands that don’t target the average customer. And Halda watches fit that bill perfectly, offering customers something truly unique. With their watches, the wearer can really choose his own adventure, with a simple snap of the wrist. (VJ)