Brüggler: Swiss watchmaking that is made to measure

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June 2015

Watches that are designed by you, made by Swiss artisans for you, and delivered by Brüggler to you

Swiss start-up company Brüggler has come on the scene with a fascinating concept: allowing anyone to design their own quality Swiss-made watch at an affordable price. Who would have thought, right!?

As we saw in yesterday’s commentary, watches on offer today are becoming more and more similar. But Brüggler is a brand is based on the principle of individualism and quality. And their idea is simple, yet nevertheless somewhat unconventional for the industry.

Brüggler: Swiss watchmaking that is made to measure

Designed by you

With Brüggler chronographs, you are in charge of producing something for yourself (or for a significant other), and they make it for you according to your exact specifications. And I do mean “exact”, because the number of possible choices is staggering. There are 648 nonillion (6.4 E+56) combination possibilities for a watch design, meaning there is next to no chance that what you will be wearing will also be worn by someone else.

Brüggler: Swiss watchmaking that is made to measure

The options for customization are available on their addictive and easy to use online watch creator. Some of the choices on offer include:

  • The dials & hands: Available in 26 colours in combination with different materials, including nickel, rhodium, gold, and blued steel, which set the foundation for your unique design.
  • The bezel: The tachymeter engraving on the bezel can be in 26 different engraving colours. For a less sporty and more sober and elegant look, you can also waive this engraving option. Or you may choose to go ultra-lux and opt for a bezel set with certified jewels.
  • The case back: The screw cap of the case back can also be individually engraved and coloured. BRÜGGLER watches also carry a number and a name, corresponding to a street address which matches your watch design.
  • The case: The 40mm case comes in many different finishes. A brushed version is available for those who find polished steel too glossy. Dark-coated DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) cases are also available, which are considerably harder and more resistant than the commonly used PVD coatings.
  • The movements: You can choose between a quartz or a mechanical movement, with the mechanical movement case being only 1.3mm higher than the quartz option.
  • The bracelets: A steel bracelet is offered in the two different DLC coatings. In addition, 35 different types of coloured genuine leather bracelets are available. For the athletic-minded, 16 different natural rubber bracelets are on offer, as well as 4 different types of textile bracelets.

Brüggler: Swiss watchmaking that is made to measure

Made by Swiss artisans

But it’s not only the menu of choices available, but also their quality. The timepiece are made from parts manufactured by Swiss watch companies – based in the Swiss Jura- that have been judged as “best in class”. Each watch comes with handwritten documents and signatures that guarantee the chronograph passes all the tests. In fact, the watchmakers are so confident in the quality of their watches that each comes with a four year warranty. And in case you have any doubts after that, they also include the original test strips for checking the accuracy and water resistance of the chronograph.

The fact that your watch will be quality-made by Swiss artisans will not set you back as much as you might think. You can express your individuality through your wrist with a luxury watch priced between CHF 4,000 and CHF 8,000, depending on customizations.

Delivered by Brüggler

How are they able to keep the prices modest, you might ask? Their distribution strategy is as innovative as their design concept. The brand has dispensed with traditional distribution channels and the opening of an own-brand store. Not investing in a physical store allows them to pass on the savings to customers, who can benefit from a relatively higher quality timepiece that is also made to order. Distribution will be channeled through the internet and complemented with distributing at personal events and handpicked stores that sell unique watches. And despite their small size, they aim to have a delivery time for each watch of no more than six weeks.

Brüggler: Swiss watchmaking that is made to measure

Brand founders Katarina and Michael Brüggler believe in the pursuit of individuality and breaking down personal limitations, and that shows in their business concept. Their motto “SWISS MADE TO MEASURE” sums up the company philosophy. And they have truly changed how we measure the standards of bespoke luxury goods. (VJ)