Christophe Claret introduces a new floral wonder

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July 2015

Once more, Christophe Claret embodies the essence of feminine watchmaking, with the new Marguerite mechanical ladies’ watch.

There are as many ways to show love as there are ways to tell the time. Christophe Claret has tried to do both all in one go. As part of its very first ladies’ line - the Margot – the brand has released the Marguerite, a wristwatch made for women and women alone.

The watch could be simply described as poetry in motion. It is underscored by a unique sense of playfulness through its seeming optical illusions on the mother-of-pearl dial. Each timepiece - it comes in a limited edition of four variants - tells a story, and inevitably it is one of love.

Two butterflies flit around the dial, in the same way they do around a real flower, providing a playful way to commemorate the passage of time. The darker butterfly symbolizes the female, which rotates every hour. The lighter one is the male, and just like in nature it circles around the female, indicating the minutes.

So we begin to see why Christophe Claret refers to this watch as the “ultimate romantic watch”. But the romance doesn’t end with the butterflies. The dial also features a second, more personal display. With one press on the pusher at the 2 o’clock position, the hour markers disappear, revealing the message: “Il m’aime passionnément” (He loves me passionately).

Christophe Claret's Marguerite, with butterfly timekeepers
Christophe Claret’s Marguerite, with butterfly timekeepers

This complication – which almost seems like a magic trick – is accomplished by superimposing two disks, which rotate over one another to deliver the romantic message. (Sorry to get technical and spoil the romantic mood.)

But Christophe Claret would not be artist of mechanics without more tricks up his sleeve. Just in case the wearer of the watch was not convinced about how much she is loved based on the message on the dial, she can also consult the case back. She can now tempt fate by flipping the watch over and playing the classic “He loves me, he loves me not” game.

The Marguerite's case back can tell you if he loves you
The Marguerite’s case back can tell you if he loves you

In order to play, the watch must be held horizontally and accompanied by one or two movements. An oscillating weight then turns for a few seconds before stopping, at which point the ruby closest to the red-lacquered heart provides the response – “yes” or “no” in the center. That’s right, the sapphire case back provides an opportunity to admire the movement and to get a bit more certainty in the game of love, too!

But Christophe Claret is not only about love and games. The brand also means business when we consider what makes the watch tick. The Marguerite is equipped with a self-winding in-house movement, whose double barrel ensures an impressive 72-hour power reserve. It also supports all of those “love complications” described above.

Indeed, the Marguerite shows us that mechanical expertise and the feminine aesthetic can live together. In this case, they are not necessarily a match made in heaven, but a match made in Le Locle Switzerland! But it might also help that Christophe Claret himself is French. And we all know about love the French. (VJ)