Around the world with Richard Mille’s RM 63-02 World Timer

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October 2015

Designed for the frequent traveler and global citizen alike, the new RM 63-02 World Timer boasts a complication that simplifies the activation of multiple time-zones, removing the pusher setting common in other world timer watches.

The cases of Richard Mille watches are usually considered as the most difficult to manufacture in the industry. Ergonomically designed, the brand’s cases are easily recognizable by their tonneau shaped design curves in all directions.

So it’s a bit strange to now see a Richard Mille timepiece with a traditional looking round case. But that’s not to say that this case is any less complicated to produce. In fact, quite the contrary. Producing the RM 63-02 case is an extremely complex task, as almost 200 parts are designed and assembled in perfect harmony. And once we understand the complication this watch hides, the round bezel and case make perfect sense.

Around the world with Richard Mille's RM 63-02 World Timer

The anomaly watch in question is the new RM 63-02 World Timer. It is the heir to the RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer, which was first unveiled, to high praise, at the 2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Both models owe their round design to the world timer complication that is activated by a rotating bezel that is mounted on ball bearings for easy manipulation. Made of satin-brushed and polished grade-5 titanium –the same material the case is made of - the bi-directional bezel is the defining characteristic of the RM 63-02. The innovative mechanism includes a specific wheel connected to the movement that acts directly on the hour wheel.

Around the world with Richard Mille's RM 63-02 World Timer

When the wearer’s current city selected at 12 o’clock, the RM 63-02 automatically defines the local time, as well as the time in 23 other cities around the world thanks to its graduated 24-hour flange. This lower disc also indicates whether it is day (white part) or night (blue part).

The World Timer function is incorporated at the heart of a brand new automatic in-house movement, the CRMA3 caliber. It is assembled around an electroplasma-treated grade-5 titanium plate, and also sports a sculptural upper bridge made from black-rhodium-plated, polished and circular-grained german silver.

Around the world with Richard Mille's RM 63-02 World Timer

A function selector, activated by a push-button located at 4 o’clock, enables the selection of the winding, hand setting and neutral functions in a manner similar to a car’s gearbox. Fitting for even the longest journeys, a quick-rotation barrel, and a rotor made of 5N red gold and grade-5 titanium ensure 50 hours of power reserve.

Technical information

  • Diameter of the movement: 33.80 mm
  • Thickness: 7.73 mm
  • Number of jewels: 37
  • Balance: CuBe, 4 arms, 4 setting screws, inertia moment 7.5 mg.cm2, angle of lift 50º
  • Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Balance spring / Spiral: AK 3
  • Shock protection: Incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
  • Escapement wheel jewels: Rubifix (transparent)
  • Sapphire crystal (1800 Vickers) with anti-glare treatment (both sides)