Salvatore Ferragamo gets to the heart of the matter

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March 2016

The Cuore Ferragamo is the latest ladies’ watch by the Italian luxury brand, complete with a beating heart complication on its dial.

Luxury goods maker Salvatore Ferragamo is on a mission to win over the hearts of ladies in 2016. The iconic Italian brand might be more known for its nice shoes and sunglasses, but its watch division is certainly on the up.

Manufacturing and distribution of Ferragamo watches is handled by the Timex Group’s Swiss Luxury Division, based out of Lugano, Switzerland. The partnership started back in 2007, and since then the brand’s watch division has seen steady growth.

Salvatore Ferragamo gets to the heart of the matter

Surprisingly it’s men that make up more of their watch sales, as Paolo Marai, president and CEO of the Timex Group Swiss Luxury Division, explained:

“Ferragamo is quite amazing because we have been mostly successful for men. It’s quite surprising for us considering the brand’s positioning and considering that a fashion watch for us is mostly popular for women than for men.”

Trying to change that trend is the brand’s latest addition to their ladies’ collection. The Cuore Ferragamo is a fun new watch that would make a great gift to mark an anniversary or special occasion. Or in some cases even to say “I’m sorry” to your significant other when you (inevitably) mess up!

Salvatore Ferragamo gets to the heart of the matter

The distinguishing feature of this timepiece is the dial, which “beats” once per second as its two halves separate and then reunite. Driven by a patented quartz system, the heart is decorated with gold, steel or red enamel. The function can be activated simply by pressing the crown, while the time-set function has been moved to the heart-shaped button at 2 o’clock.

A silver dial adorned with the iconic Gancino presents beautifully the off-centre hours and minutes hands, embellished by a circle of diamonds or an engraved Clou de Paris motif. It’s paired well with the bi-colour bracelet or the crocodile print calfskin strap available in many colours.

Salvatore Ferragamo gets to the heart of the matter

Overall, the Cuore Ferragamo is a classic and perhaps somewhat conservative timepiece. But that’s a positive; it’s not always what you get from fashion brands that often focus only on the glitz and glam.

It will be available starting in June 2016, with emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, and US expended to be prime landing spots for this model.