Time to go Solo with Xeric

May 2016

The start-up company has launched a new limited edition watch - the Soloscope Automatic – expressing a true mechanical passion for the unusual.

Xeric watches are definitely something new, something that I haven’t seen before, at least. The aim of the start-up is to produce watches that can help users express their individuality. Hence the name Soloscope for their new launch via a Kickstarter campaign.

Time to go Solo with Xeric

The Soloscope Automatic watches reflects timeless mechanics, as a sort of counter statement to the inevitable - and sometimes planned - obsolescence of most everyday products, and even some timepieces (Apple Watch, anyone?).

The unusual and visually stunning watch has a single hand, fusing the hour and minute functions. Producing a unique way to tell the time, this hand encircles the hour and also points to the minutes. The other half of the dial houses twin balance wheels and showcases the mechanics that powers the watch.

Time to go Solo with Xeric

The authenticity of the mechanical watch doesn’t end there. Each is complemented by a great leather strap thanks to a partnership with historic American Tannery Horween.

For those who want to go the even more affordable route, the brand also offers the Soloscope in two Japanese-powered quartz options, the SQ and RQ. Starting at just $239 for the same spectacular design, it’s hard not to be tempted.

Time to go Solo with Xeric

This latest offering by Xeric Watches is a step back to classic mechanical watches, focusing on what really matters: affordable prices and striking displays. And by relying on Kickstarter, Xeric has found the perfect way to bring unusual and complex mechanical timepieces to a wider market.

If first impression mean something in the watch world, consider me impressed.

But I’m not really surprised that I’m impressed. The new brand is the natural evolution of Watchismo and, founded by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt. They offered carefully curated watch collections by modern horological enthusiasts, and that passion is clearly evident in their new watchmaking adventure.