Charriol’s COLVMBVS, turning the fashion tide

July 2016

Extending its existing ladies’ collection, the brand has introduced a range of more affordable quartz models that are as finely crafted as the original COLVMBVS.

Charriol's COLVMBVS, turning the fashion tide

It’s time to hit the water with Charriol this summer. The French luxury goods maker has just introduced a range of new, more accessible watches as part of the COLVMBVS line.

Long inspired by the adventures of Christopher Columbus, the collection is true to Columbus’ adventurous sailing spirit. And the watches definitely have that “nautical-chic” look.

This is seen in the in the scalloped case, meant to evoke the points of a compass rose. This time around, the watch comes in a slightly larger 36mm case. The crown winder also adds sea-faring details, replicating the ‘clevis’, a motif borrowed from sailboat rigging.

Charriol's COLVMBVS, turning the fashion tide

Fittingly, the dial comes in either a mother-of-pearl dial decorated with 12 round diamonds, or a sunburst finish adorned with square-cut diamond hour markers. There’s also the option of adding an inner circle of even more diamonds on both models, if the mood strikes.

Inside we have an ETA quartz movement – it won’t let you down but it’s also nothing to write home about. But that’s exactly the point the brand had in mind here. This range is meant to be more affordable – costing between 1’490 to 5’090 Swiss francs depending on the model - and we’re meant to focus mostly on its external beauty.

Charriol's COLVMBVS, turning the fashion tide

Beautiful the watch certainly is. The collection is ideal “yacht attire” according to the brand, for those moments when you’re on a boat and feel the need to conquer new horizons, just like Christopher Columbus.

Just don’t tell the brand that Columbus was actually lost when we made his greatest discovery – he was looking for the West Indies, not North America. Credit for the entrepreneurial spirit – of both Columbus and Charriol - nonetheless.