Laps watches, style with a sense of humour [Video]

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August 2016

The new Paris-based watchmaker is offering distinctive timepieces at an affordable price that simply cannot be ignored.

Laps watches, style with a sense of humour

Laps watches definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. But that’s not to say they don’t deliver a solid quality product. In fact, quite the opposite.

Their distinctive watches are designed, hand-crafted, and assembled in Paris. At the same time, they’ve managed to deliver a wide proposition of dial choices that are suitable for any watch enthusiast or casual wearer.

When choosing among their diverse offerings, you can go one of two routes: the classical or the comedic.

Laps watches, style with a sense of humour

Among the more classy – yet very contemporary – choices, the watches celebrate the look and feel of the special wood used to make them. Their dials are fashioned carefully from rare species like Birdseye Maple, Sapelli or Makassar Ebony. Some of these trees are several centuries old (!).

But if you really want to stand out, you can go for the light-hearted route and show your sense of humour with a timepiece that showcases a special photograph on the dial. The brand has collected oddities from all corners of the world, which means everyone can find something they like to make their watch all the more exclusive.

Laps watches, style with a sense of humour

From their many options, I’d pay homage to the French national symbol and choose their Coq wristwatch. If poultry is not your thing and you feel a bit more risqué, there’s always the Ostra Studio, which celebrates the Biederer studios specialized in photographing erotic nudes, which were founded in boiling hot Paris in the roaring twenties.

Their watches wear on the smaller size, around 35mm wide, making them unisex and very vintage feeling. The case shape, which I’m personally a big fan of, also adds to that effect.

Laps watches, style with a sense of humour

Each watch is fitted with a braided wristband – again reminiscent of vintage fashion - that are easily interchangeable to suit each and every style. To complete the slick package, the timepieces come in tailor-made cases.

And you definitely won’t be shelling out the cash for these unique timepieces. Prices hover on either side of 100 euros, which means everyone can express their sense of style or sense of humour without a dent to the wallet.

Learn more about the French watchmaker on their website, and be sure to check out their smoothly produced video below:

LAPS - Watch handmade in Paris from LAPS Watch on Vimeo.