DeWitt’s female focus for 2016

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October 2016

Their Alma collection is by no means new – it’s been around as the brand’s second ever women’s collection. But this reissue is a step in the right direction.

DeWitt's female focus for 2016

For 2016, the DeWitt Manufacture promised us new collections dedicated exclusively to women. But rather than actually releasing a new collection, they’ve gone back to an old and reliable bag of tricks.

Among the brand’s offerings of ladies’ timepieces, the Alma collection is probably the most classical in design, easily recognized by its soft oval shaped case.

The designers of the jewellery watch are definitely prioritizing sophistication here, and in an effort to keep things simple and elegant, not much has changed from the last Alma issue.

DeWitt's female focus for 2016

The most noticeable thing about the Alma is the interplay between the diamond setting and soft curved lines. A cambered anti-reflective glass adds to the curvy profile of the watch case, which allows it to rest comfortably on the wrist.

Transferred indexes and Arabic numerals also combine for an asymmetric look that gives this watch its distinct personality.

DeWitt's female focus for 2016

The new timepiece is available in an 18-carat rose gold oval case and comes in two sizes, one small and one medium. It’s also available in either white or black mother-of-pearl, both of which feature a guilloché pattern at their centre.

The Franco-Swiss watchmaker is only one of four houses that has the ability to make both its movements and dials in house. In this case, the superbly finished dials have been hand-crafted in the manufacture’s workshops in Meyrin, near Geneva, Switzerland.

DeWitt's female focus for 2016

They are set with round diamonds, which also spill over onto the gold crown that is itself set with a round diamond. On top of that we have rose gold open-worked hours and minute hands shaped like double-edged swords.

To round everything off, we have black satin straps finished with a buckle sporting the brand’s famous “W” emblem.

With the classy Alma collection, the manufacture hasn’t really surprised by introducing something truly ground-breaking. But this reissue is a step in the direction of prioritizing its women’s collection and fine jewellery watches.