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Introducing Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Slim Monogram Savane

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January 2017

The newest addition to the French luxury brand’s oldest collection features a raised elephant dial design, inspired by the adventures on the Savannah.

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton’s eponymous founder has championed the “Art of Travel” through luggage, bags and other accessories. Designed in collaboration with brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman, the new Tambour Slim Monogram Savane naturally continues with that travel trend.

Introducing Louis Vuitton's Tambour Slim Monogram Savane

As you might have guessed, the watch is part of the Tambour collection, which came to be in 2002. Perhaps more importantly, it was the brand’s first major step in the watchmaking space. Since it’s inception, the collection has grown to include models ranging in price and complexity.

In terms of movement complexity, at least, the Tambour Slim Monogram Savane is only powered by a somewhat basic quartz movement. But that helps to keep the La Fabrique du Temps creation’s price to a modest €2,800.

Introducing Louis Vuitton's Tambour Slim Monogram Savane

At the center of the 39mm steel case we find an impressive dial that features a raised elephant designed by the Chapman brothers. The spirit of travel to Africa is clearly what the designers were after with this watch, and the new “Monogram Savane Ink” canvas strap adds to that motif. In fact, you will probably see this signature strap on other ready-to-wear pieces and accessories in their men’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

But with consumers increasingly conscientious about moral and societal issues, it’s not always enough to have just a solid product with a good value proposition.

Introducing Louis Vuitton's Tambour Slim Monogram Savane

Luxury consumers in particular are attracted by a certain narrative. Louis Vuitton has relied heavily on the travel and adventure narrative, but the French maison is no stranger to social causes.

Since 2012 it has held Responsible Jewellery Certification, which guarantees that its watches and jewellery and sourced and produced responsibly. That includes the extraction of the precious stones and metals, their distribution, and their transformation by craftsmen. That means you can catch the travel bug and enjoy the Tambour Slim Monogram Savane with peace of mind that a luxury timepiece should provide.