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HYT scores with new ambassador Antoine Griezmann

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June 2017

The dynamic Swiss watchmaker has just partnered with the French footballing dynamo, with a new exclusive timepiece anticipated in autumn 2017.

HYT scores with new ambassador Antoine Griezmann

Being a successful brand ambassador has much to do with having a between the individual and the brand DNA. It also has a lot to do with loyalty. Surely we shouldn’t be seeing a brand ambassador for Rolex wearing an Omega on the weekend – that’s what contracts are for!

Antoine Griezmann is definitely not left wanting for loyalty. The French football player recently confirmed his loyalty and commitment to his club Athletico Madrid. This, despite serious interest from footballing giant Manchester United, who was expected to nab the superstar away from the Spanish capital.

But Griezmann couldn’t be moved. This kind of loyalty goes far, and HYT has recognized that. The Frenchman has just signed up to be a brand ambassador for the exotic Swiss watchmaker, but the connection between brand and man goes several year back.

HYT scores with new ambassador Antoine Griezmann

Reportedly Griezmann has been a fan of HYT since 2012. He is apparently something of a watch aficionado, having several of the brand’s pieces in his collection as a private customer.

Just like the rest of us, he was apparently captivated by the unique fluid time display of the watches:

“The first time I saw an HYT, in 2012, I thought to myself, this team has really done something out of the ordinary. The fluid time display always reminds me of an energy gauge, like the one I have to manage every day as a sportsman.”

HYT scores with new ambassador Antoine Griezmann

Both Griezmann and the Swiss brand have a lot in common, too. Each is young, dynamic and passionate about performance. Now we just have to see how that will play out in terms watchmaking.

Later this autumn, HYT is slated to unveil an exclusive timepiece dedicated to the footballer. My guess is that it will be a based on the Ho, the new futuristic watch with a smooth movement and excellent finishing, just like the Griezmann himself.