Swatch square (S2) Collection

November 2000

Swatch square (S2) Collection: Fall/Winter 2000

It really was only a matter of time: Swatch has finally squared the circle. And although the Swatch square collection retains a number of classic Swatch features, such as plastic cases and straps and triple integrated lugs, the five new models differ radically from anything we've seen before.

Swatch fans were never behind the times. But now it really is back to square one. The new square collection comes with cases in two sizes (5 cm2 and 3 cm2) and straps in three widths shaped to fit snugly round the wearer's wrist. Different combinations of case size and band width give individual models a distinctive character of their own. Both sizes look great on men and women, although the 3 cm2 with the narrow band has a decidedly feminine appeal. In keeping with the basic message, each model comes with a square crown, square packaging with the S2 logo and a cut-out instruction booklet in the same format.

Heading up the new collection are two stunning numbers in black and red: Don't be too square and Typical Square. The tongue-in-cheek warning that comes with the leading model in the larger format is an unmistakable reminder of “Don't be too late” back in Spring 1984 (black with the four words in yellow, green, red and blue), and the new watch reminds Swatch lovers go on living the values that have made the brand what it is today: be ready to break the rules, don't be afraid to get off the beaten track and let your mind expand.

Slightly smaller in size is Swatch's boldest statement yet about its Helvetic origins. Does Typical Square poke a little ironic fun at the reputation of the Swiss for being slightly fuddy-duddy? Or is it simply a reference to the Swiss flag - the only one in the world with a square format? Take it whichever way you want, but the bold, brash design of this watch seems set to make it a classic, square or not. And remember, not matter how square they may seem, it was the Swiss who gave us Swatch.

A plastic distillation of the qualities you'd normally find in a classic metal watch comes in Synthetic, aptly named with a curiously transparent, metallic sheen and a medium-sized multilink bracelet complete with folding clasp. Equally transparent, with a medium brand and smaller-sized case is Subliminal. This gorgeous little number in white see-through plastic comes with an op-art inspired, Vasarely-type dial and silver hands.

Rounding off the new collection is one more model with an undeniably artistic appeal. Despite the twin-tone blues, Satisfaction is guaranteed from a 3 cm2 model of the same name with perforated silver hands and medium-size strap.

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