Rolex Deemed “Most Valuable Watch Brand”

November 2000

Rolex deemed “most valuable watch brand”

Interbrand, an organization that studies global brands, recently issued its annual list of 75 “billion-dollar brands”. Only one watch brand made the list: Rolex.
Interbrand's list ranks the world consumer brands worth $1 billion or more in terms of what it calls “brand value”. With the assistance of Citibank, it estimates the brand value based on a complicated “role of branding” formula. Among the criteria is the net present value of the profits likely to be generated by products carrying the brand name.
Interbrand places the Rolex's brand value at $3.6 billion. That's up 47% from just a year ago, when Interbrand assigned Rolex a brand value of $2.4 billion. Clearly Interbrand knows that Rolex is on a roll. The Geneva-based watchmaker ranks 55th on the list.

From: American Time, November/December 2000 issue