Watch training center ETA

December 2003

ETA SA, a Swatch Group Company, will offer new
technical training courses, as well as new didactic CD-ROMs, which explain the functioning of selected
The diversity and technological sophistication of the movements manufactured by ETA SA requires
more specific knowledge about the way these movements work. It is therefore unthinkable that the most important manufacturer of movements in Switzerland would bring on the market technologically sophisticated calibers without offering his customers the possibility to update their watchmaking knowledge.
In order to satisfy the ever increasing demand, ETA SA will offer various new courses on the mechanical
chronographs (A3) and the quartz chronograps (A4) as from January 2004. The other seminars
basically stay the same, but of course they have been updated in content, so that the newly launched
ETA movements are included.
Not only the courses taking place at the Training Centre in Grenchen, Switzerland, but also those courses which
are offered locally are realized in partial cooperation with various watch brands and watch making schools
all over the world. This cooperation highlights ETA's commitment to guarantee professional training on a
very high level, in order to cover the needs of its customers and the watchmakers on the world market.
Encouraged by the success of the first CD-ROM [email protected] presenting the caliber ETA 7750,
ETA SA continues the development and marketing of its [email protected] training concept. Four new CDROMs
will be launched, introducing four new ETA calibers.

These interactive teaching aids are very easy to use. Their aim is to help understanding the functioning
of the movement in question, carry out maintenance tasks, realise adjustments and use the specific
functions. The target groups are skilled watchmakers, service centres, instructors, watch making schools,
etc. on a world-wide scale.

The course programme of ETA SA for 2004 is the following:

- Basic courses and further training courses on quartz and Autoquartz movements (A1) for watchmakers
and repairers.

- Update on the new ETA movements (A2) for watchmakers and repairers.

- New mechanical chronograph course (A3).

- New quartz chronograph course (A4).

- Individualised courses for technical, commercial and sales staff (A5).

- Mechanical movements maintenance course, excluding chronographs (A7).

- Technical training seminars (product knowledge about mechanical and quartz watches) for commercial,
administrative and sales staff (D1).

ETA SA training centre courses can be given in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish by ETA's
Grenchen trainers. Possibilities are broadened by the use of decentralized instructors who can teach in
Portuguese, Greek and all Scandinavian languages.

Source: ETA press release

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