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A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall


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July 2018

A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall

Max Büsser has found new Friends in the world’s largest shopping mall, located in the United Arab Emirates. The watchmaker who continues to follow his childhood dreams has built a universe open to the most diverse artists. Many brands could draw inspiration from this approach to collaboration, thus avoiding soulless cultural partnerships, and the overly standardised stores that new generations find it harder and harder to enter.


f only all watch stores in the world had similar creative flair! As brands rack their brains over how best to create that elusive “customer experience” in their boutiques, Max Büsser quietly opens a third M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai. It’s a unique concept that fully assimilates high-end mechanical watchmaking into what it is today: an art.

A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall

The M.A.D. Gallery concept presents the mechanical and kinetic works of artists from around the world: what better showcase for MB&F’s Horological Machines, themselves imagined as “kinetic works”? The new gallery in Dubai is the third M.A.D. Gallery, after the launch of the concept in Geneva in 2011, followed by Taipei in 2014.

A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall

In fact, to be accurate, this new M.A.D. Gallery is more of a relocation: before the move to the 1.1 million m2 Dubai Mall, the M.A.D. Gallery was located in the creative district of Alserkal Avenue, where Europa Star had the opportunity to pay it a visit during last year’s Dubai Watch Week. As MB&F explained in its press release, “the gallery soon met with success, surpassing our expectations; it has been a catalyst for brand awareness and sales in the region.”

A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall

The brand reached an agreement with the prestigious Emirati retailer Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who manages the gallery (read our interview with Mohammed Seddiqi), to take advantage of the recent expansion of the Dubai Mall.

A new M.A.D. Gallery at the Dubai Mall

Could we imagine larger brands also adopting more innovative concepts for their stores, combining contemporary art and watchmaking? Or why not cinema and watchmaking? Or even music and watches?

MB&F’s human-scale flexibility, as well as its collaborative approach, seem tailored to meet the demand for surprise and wonder, but also debate and critical thinking, from the new globalised generations – in short, everything that really lies behind the bland and saturated concept of “customer experience”.

MB&F M.A.D.Gallery from MB&F on Vimeo.

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