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Urban Jürgensen: genesis of a watch


March 2019

Urban Jürgensen: genesis of a watch

In our January issue, we introduced the concept laying the foundation for the first luxury stainless steel collection in the history of Urban Jürgensen. In this new episode, we highlight the design of the new timepiece, baptised “Jürgensen One”, which is a direct result of this philosophy.


nd the watch is born! The concept outlined in the first episode is now a concrete timepiece, the Jürgsensen One, introduced in 3-hand and GMT versions. “Evolving a concept to a final design is not a committee or project team process – you need to have decision-making rooted in a honed sense of product culture and, like a good architect, summon all decisions and tradeoffs while always pushing the limit,” says Urban Jürgensen President & CEO, Søren Jenry Petersen.

Urban Jürgensen: genesis of a watch
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The Reference 5241, an automatic three-hand timepiece with date and sweep seconds, is available with soft white, charcoal grey and urban blue dial colours.

The Reference 5541 GMT, with two pushers for forward/backward correction of the central hour hand, unidirectional date change, sweep seconds and a 24 hour subdial for home time, is available exclusively in urban blue.

With these four new timepieces, the CEO hopes to bring a note of freshness to the vaunted luxury stainless steel category, that “has seen very little real news since its defining era in the 1970’s with Gerald Genta’s designs and their inspired variants”. The design as a whole – calm yet edgy, classic yet futuristic, elegant yet robust – achieve a form of balance.

Søren Jenry Petersen is “particularly proud of the bracelet integration and the double shape pointed oval construction, which were done with an absolute master of bracelet manufacturing”. He continues: “I believe we have created an attractive option for the independently thinking client, who is not content to simply follow some hyped, partly old, artificial trend, but quietly and knowledgeably makes a choice to invest in something truly rare and exceptional.”

The evolutive DNA concept used by Urban Jürgensen to create the new One Collection.
The evolutive DNA concept used by Urban Jürgensen to create the new One Collection.

Where did the design inspiration come from? “Born out of an almost DNA-like inspirational thought that watches are round, the circles and ovals form a basic coherence and balance in the design to which the details are anchored. This is why in the end the One Collection seems to have such an innate balance. Even though the design is completely different from all comparable products, it still is not stressed or overly desperate to be different, even though you will recognise the watch 10 metres away. And it is still of pure Urban Jürgensen heritage.”

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