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Watch Q&A with... Stéphane Waser – Maurice Lacroix

June 2023

Watch Q&A with... Stéphane Waser – Maurice Lacroix

“Continue to spread the word: we still haven’t reached everybody”


e recently interviewed a broad selection of managers, active in a variety of segments, to help us identify the major trends within the watch industry.

Our Q&A with Stéphane Waser – Maurice Lacroix.

Europa Star: What are your strategic priorities for 2023?

Stéphane Waser: Our main priority is to continue to grow. We have built solid foundations; we now need to continue to spread the word. We still haven’t reached everybody. I think we make wonderful Swiss watches, that are affordably priced and high quality. So we need to get the message out there!

Stéphane Waser
Stéphane Waser

Which new products or lines will be your main focus this year?

This year, we will have two highlights. First, an important launch for Maurice Lacroix at the end of May for the Pontos collection. Then, we will be bringing new products to the Geneva Watch Days, one of which, in the Aikon collection, is highly anticipated.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day Date
Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day Date

The emergence of the secondary market represents a major new development. Are you taking any steps to build a presence in preowned?

We have no direct initiatives, however, we set ourselves high standards for customer service and offer comprehensive repair options. As such, customers purchasing a Maurice Lacroix on the secondary market can be sure that, when it comes to maintaining the value of their second-hand purchase, they get servicing and repair that respects the high standards of the brand.

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