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Entry-level Swiss watchmaking on the counter-offensive


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June 2021

Entry-level Swiss watchmaking on the counter-offensive

Alexander Bennouna, former CEO of Victorinox watches and an expert in the challenges facing the most affordable segment of Swiss watch production, is launching a Swiss-made brand priced under CHF 400 – DecideAndAct – positioned around “21st century values”. He is betting on the engagement value of a brand with “social meaning”, at a time when the entry-level segment has been struggling with structural problems for several years.


former CEO of the Victorinox watch division and sales manager at Swatch Group, Alexander Bennouna has been a regular in the columns of Europa Star for decades. His latest job, however, has taken him in a new direction. He has become an entrepreneur, launching a watch start-up, DecideAndAct (d&a), with Martin Riemer, another industry veteran who has been active in the high-end watchmaking sector.

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