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Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency


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August 2019

Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency

For the past few years, watches have been exposing their mechanisms and playing with the concept of transparency. And although this year one senses the dawning of a return to greater stylistic sobriety, these “bubbles” still fascinate us with the three-dimensional microcosms they present.


“Like diamonds in the sky…” went the song. Here, you have a tiny and very precious cosmos on your wrist. It is astronomical less in the scientific sense of the word than poetically, symbolically and… pricewise.

An exclusive 1-carat Jacob Cut® diamond performs one complete rotation every 30 seconds, around an axis connecting it to a blue-lacquered magnesium globe; flanking these is a triple-axis tourbillon, the cages of which orbit in 60 seconds and 2.5 minutes respectively.

A tiny and very precious cosmos on your wrist.

The whole ensemble is mounted on a vertical movement with four arms that rotates on a central axis in 10 minutes and is surmounted by a 2.88-carat diamond. The sky of this Astronomia is an all-sapphire case.

Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency

A unique timepiece. Price on request


The most femininely beautiful of recent watches has to be this glass bubble encapsulating a miniature dream machine, with its column-design flying tourbillon beating at a peaceful 2.5Hz and its subdial, inclined at 50°, the serpentine hands of which display the hours and minutes for the sole pleasure of the wearer of the “bubble”.

This glass bubble encapsulates a miniature dream machine.

Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency

At the upper limit of the cage, a large diamond revolves in time with the tourbillon. On the back, a three-dimensional, sun-shaped rotor with sculpted rays supplies the energy to the movement (four-day power reserve). There are three versions at launch: one in black lacquer, another paved with diamonds, and the third featuring baguette diamonds. Gorgeous.

Price: CHF 108,000 + VAT for black lacquer edition


Scratchproof, wearproof and entirely hand-carved out of sapphire to play on the reflections of light, the 12-faceted case from Prime Time is Century’s signature feature. In its skeleton version, as here, it combines the compact architecture of an automatic mechanism with a play on transparency. Waterresistant to a depth of 100 metres and mounted on a brushed matte black rubber strap, which is an integral part of the case, the Prime Time Skeleton is both sporty and chic, with its raised indices and openworked, coated hands.

Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency

Price: € 2,630


No, for once this is not a watch, but a jewel – a ring that encloses an entire tiny world suspended inside its globe. Created using horology-inspired techniques, the innovative Dreamboule line was born one Christmas evening when Ben Crocco was watching his children’s fascination with the snow globes that you shake to see a snow storm blow up inside. The result is a bejewelled scene set beneath a large cabochon sapphire crystal filled with a “dream solution” in which gold flakes float. This example, the Lighthouse Goldsheen ring, features a solitaire mounted on a golden lighthouse.

Watch trends 2019: Bubbles & transparency

Price on request