Pre-owned watches

“The second-hand market is the new China”


January 2019

“The second-hand market is the new China”

As additional evidence of the growth of the pre-owned watch market (thanks largely to the internet), several Swiss watch manufacturers, including Zenith and Raymond Weil, have signed an official partnership with the American online platform True Facet, a pre-owned specialist. It is now raising a new $10 million round of funding.


n the website of the watch dealer True Facet, you can see side by side the price of a new Raymond Weil timepiece and that of the same model in a second-hand version, sometimes 50% or even 60% lower. Is this another dodgy site where the origin and actual condition of the watch are not guaranteed? Far from it! In fact, the Swiss watchmaker gives direct approval to sales of its second-hand models, which it has serviced itself.

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