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Chronext: “Towards a small number of global platforms”


July 2019

Chronext: “Towards a small number of global platforms”

In a rapidly changing landscape, Chronext is a key player in online watch sales. The German e-commerce company now wants to build trust with the main watch brands, which remain suspicious about digital actors. We met its co-founder Philipp Man.


e continue our series about the main e-commerce platforms in the watch industry, each of which has developed its own specific angle. Chrono24 is the giant among global marketplaces (read here). WatchBox, launched by watch entrepreneur and retailer Danny Govberg, owns the watches it sells (here). True Facet is mainly active on the American market (here). Watchfinder has its own authorised service centres – and has been bought by Richemont (here). They are all in the process of forging partnerships with authorised brands and retailers, not without some difficulty and resistance.

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