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IWC Introduces Digital Watch Passports in Partnership with Arianee

December 2023

IWC Introduces Digital Watch Passports in Partnership with Arianee

IWC Schaffhausen introduces My IWC Passport, a blockchain powered digital product passport linked to an individual IWC watch. Owners will be able to access relevant information stored within the passport, such as the reference and serial number of the watch as well as the record of previous owners throughout the watch’s entire lifecycle, increasing transparency and facilitating resale. My IWC Passport was developed in collaboration with technology partner Arianee and comes with every new IWC watch purchased after the 3rd of October, 2023.


ith the new My IWC Passport service, created in partnership with tech company Arianee, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen now taps into the potential of blockchain technology. It makes relevant information about a specific watch more easily accessible and increases transparency across the entire lifecycle of the product.

My IWC Passport is a digital watch certificate linked to an individual IWC watch. Accessible by scanning the warranty card’s QR code using a mobile device, the clients can register on and access their digital product passport, directly embedded within their client account.

The digital product passport stores relevant information about the watch, such as the reference, serial and limitation number, and makes it accessible easily and conveniently, anywhere and anytime.

This blockchain-based certificate also provides some indication on whether the watch was pre-owned or not.

This added transparency is especially important if a client decides to resell their watch, making the process easier and safer for both the seller and the buyer. In case of gifting or resale, the Digital product passport is transferable to the next owner in a simple click.

My IWC Passport digital certificate will be distributed with every new IWC watch purchased from an IWC boutique or an authorized retail partner after 3 October 2023.

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