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Watch prices: the great upheaval


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January 2017

Watch prices: the great upheaval

Tension on the price front is indicative of the current situation in the watch industry.


uring the past ten years, we have witnessed an “explosion” at several levels – prices, styles, a multiplication of innovations, an acceleration in the pace of launches.

This “explosion” has left brands, retailers and consumers bewildered and disorientated and has saturated the markets.

At the same time, traditional distribution has been turned upside down, both by the proliferation of brand boutiques and by new uses of digital technology.

Customer volatility and nomadic purchasing habits have increased.

The simultaneous arrival of smartwatches has added to the confusion.

Saturation has triggered a certain disenchantment with – or even a disavowal of – watches.

Image by Fabian Oefner - disintegrating Porsche 956R
Image by Fabian Oefner - disintegrating Porsche 956R
“Disintegrating Series” by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is a suite of images of high performance cars that appear to have blown apart. The series explores essential questions about the relationship of time and reality, ultimately creating a visually rich rendition of a moment that never existed. His work can be seen at M.A.D. Gallery Geneva and on fabianoefner.com.


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Source: Europa Star TIME.BUSINESS/TIME.KEEPER Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2017