Towards a “deglobalisation” of watchmaking?


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July 2020

Towards a “deglobalisation” of watchmaking?

The implosion of the industry’s calendar, with the prospects of a global event becoming ever more remote, is a symptom of the erosion of the globalisation of watchmaking. The many new barriers to trade in the wake of the pandemic are pushing the sector into a reversal of the curve that has carried it over the last twenty years. As they move ahead in disarray, watch brands must prepare again to attract local customers, and adapt to a world in which people travel less.


ourUniverse, Watches & Wonders, Geneva Watch Days, Time to Move, Time to Watches, Imagination: given the number of watchmaking events now in the pipeline, beginning from August, it looks like those who thought that the crisis would accelerate the global unity of the watch industry are going to be disappointed. The implosion of the watch calendar, which was already under way before the outbreak of the pandemic, was only reinforced by this crisis.

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