Deloitte: 2021 outlook for the Swiss watch industry


March 2021

Deloitte: 2021 outlook for the Swiss watch industry

Covid-19, smartwatches, sustainability, second-hand or online sales: year after year, Deloitte provides a comprehensive overview of the Swiss watch industry in a dedicated study. As the pandemic continues, we asked its authors Karine Szegedi and Jules Boudrand about their latest findings and the outlook for 2021.


he seventh edition of the Deloitte study on the Swiss watch industry was published last autumn. Over the years, this survey, which gauges the mood of industry executives, has become a must-read. It is all the more instructive as the Swiss watch industry is going through a historic crisis due to the pandemic, and in 2020 experienced its worst contraction in turnover of the last 80 years.

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