Digital bespoke


June 2017

Digital bespoke

More and more luxury brands are offering online customisation, but each in their own different way. We look at two interesting examples.


ulgari, which targets the end customers directly with its Serpenti, and Armin Strom, which addresses retailers first and foremost – and ultimately the customer – with its online configurator.


In the case of the independent Biel-based brand, the new online configurator was designed first and foremost for retailers. “It’s not easy to find a good retailer in the first place, but when everybody has different tastes, it’s really tough for a brand that produces 600 watches a year!” explains CEO Claude Greisler. It was to solve this problem that they came up with the configurator tool: the retailers themselves create the watch and design their assortment to suit their customers’ tastes. To align itself as closely as possible to the expectations of different markets – such is the ambition of Armin Strom, thanks to the web. “Moreover, if retailers have configured a model themselves, they’ll be more likely to push sales of it. Once they’ve designed a few variants, we send some advance stock. They can also configure a watch directly with the customer, but there will be an additional waiting time before they receive the model.” And of course, aficionados can also personalise their models directly on the brand’s website.auprès de la marque.


The Italian luxury brand has launched an application that allows customers to create no fewer than 312 different configurations of one its emblematic models, the Serpenti. “It’s now possible to personalise your watch on the internet, whether the diamonds, the colour or the strap, and to have four letters engraved on the back,” explains Fabrizio Buonamassa, who heads up design at Bulgari. ‘Love’ (or ‘Hate’), it’s up to you! Case, strap, dial – virtually everything about the Serpenti is now customisable. “The watch is delivered within two months for a starting price of CHF 3,800, to which you have to add CHF 500 for the customisation.” A very affordable price which, quite apart from the personal touch, is also likely to charm digital natives. And that is the whole point of the operation!