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It could have been a great advertisement


July 2018

It could have been a great advertisement

It was a sunny day on the Atlantic coast in France. Mr. X (pseudonym) thought it was a great opportunity to practice his swing on the golf course nearby. It was a five-minute drive from home, a way to clear his mind and concentrate on one thing only, the ball.


fter having packed his gear for the afternoon, he closed the door and left his dog and a precious object behind him.

The adult Yorkshire was a dog full of character and temper. Frustrated to see his master enjoy the pleasures of the outside world, he started running around the house looking for things on which he could relieve his grief and anger.

After a few trips from the kitchen to the living room, he noticed that her master’s office door was half open. It was usually closed. He decided to have a look.

The space was new to him, as well as the smell, but a shinning object that reflected the outside light detoured his attention from the rest of the novelties. Hard to reach nevertheless tempting, the dog made a run for it. After several attempts, the radiant piece of metal finally slipped between his tiny canines.

The dog started chewing it from every angle, spitting it out and putting it again in his mouth. The piece of metal was definitely hard to chew and tasteless, but fun to play with. Biting with all its strength, the little dog still managed to lightly warp the somehow malleable metal.

Believing that it was a great tool to sharpen its tiny teeth, the little dog bit one last time and got surprised when he pierced through a softer section of the object. This time the dog got scared, spit the thing out on the parquet and left the office in a hurry.

Few hours later, Mr.X, exhausted yet in a good mood from its golfing session, came home and instantly noticed something happened when he came across the guilty eyes of the pooch.

Dropping his golf bag on the floor, he quickly went to the office and found out what happened.

His cherished rose gold Rolex Oyster reference 5022 was laying on the floor, ripped apart…

To be more precise, a beautiful bubble back 14k rose gold case watch from the 50’s.

The watch put up an honorable fight, but the final strike broke the Plexiglas and damaged the dial, letting moisture and dust inside and ruining the movement.

It could have been a great advertisement

The charming gold case was unfortunately more malleable than stainless steel which would have better resisted to the Yorkshire’s fury. You can actually see the teeth marks on the case back showing the dog’s determination.

It could have been a great advertisement

Nevertheless, the watch was kept, never restored and passed on to the next generation.

The story would have made a great advertisement if it didn’t end up with the death of this charming Rolex Oyster.

The brand loves to emphasize on the reliability and durability of their product, but this time Mr. X would have made a better choice by taking his watch with him for swing. It would have probably survived the day.

It could have been a great advertisement