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February 2020

Recommended reading

  • Moonwatch only By Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié
  • Daytona Perpetual By Fabio Santinelli, Paolo Gobbi and Ross Povey


The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide - 3rd edition

By Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié

The Speedmaster is a timeless watch icon that has significantly evolved since its creation in 1957, a fact that sometimes makes it hard to identify certain models, particularly older ones. After several years of research and observation, the authors have created a technical, systematically and attractive book intended to become the reference work for this model. The major focus of this work concerns the identification of historical Speedmaster models from standard production, in an era when there were often variations in the constituent parts of a watch.

Having observed that these numerous evolutions could occur independently of a change in reference number, the authors established an original nomenclature for this entire set of elements. Classifying and describing them represented a fundamental prior step toward providing a comprehensive and detailed presentation of the models.

Size: 307 x 250 mm | Pages: 598 | Price: CHF 250

Recommended reading


By Fabio Santinelli, Paolo Gobbi and Ross Povey

Styles come and go but there is a watch that seems to be standing on the top of the wave since always. Actually, it is safe to say that the automatic Rolex Daytona models have increased dramatically in the past few years. Understanding the modern perpetually-wound 5 and 6 digit references is an art. In fact, both references saw a rich and often opulent variety of design options as well as dial materials – some of which will end up being highly collectible trophy pieces on the market. The “DAYTONA PERPETUAL” invites us to jump down the self-winding Daytona rabbit hole and discover the dynamic world of an iconic timepiece. The making of this project involved a meticulous research and selection of the objects, many of which travelled the world to reach Rome under the photographer’s lens; an attention for details so as to enhance the beauty and the peculiarities of each single watch.

Size: 245 x 322 mm |Pages: 292 | 541 original photographs | Price: CHF 390

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